With its name, GPAD will be able to tell you who we are, what we can do and what we can provide.GRAPHICS | PRINTING | ADVERTISING | DESIGN

Basically, GPAD stands for Graphics, Printing, Advertising and Design.

GPAD, with “G” for graphics and “pad” which means a place, is a one-stop-shop, a place for all services related to computer graphics and printing.

The name also reflects its core value – Paying Attention to Details. We believe that through this value, we will be able to deliver quality output and reach our clients’ expectations for every project that they have entrusted us.


 HOW GPAD WORKS?   the GPAD way:

1GRAPHICS | PRINTING | ADVERTISING | DESIGN. Generate Concept and Ideas. The team conducts brainstorming sessions to come up with the final concept, idea or design.

2. Prepare for Production. Once the concept and idea had been generated, the GPAD team will then focus on layouting & creating the design.

3. Approval and Action. After layouting, GPAD will now coordinate with its client for approval of the design. Once approved, the team will work on the final production of the item.

4. Delivery. GPAD team delivers on or ahead of time.


Why Choose GPAD?

Aside from being a home for computer graphics and printing services, there are a number of reasons why you should choose GPAD.

• GPAD has been in the business for a number of years, and continues to grow as one of the most-sought printing services provider in Cavite, Calabarzon and Metro Manila areas.

• We have an in-house graphics design team that are well-skilled and trained who can help bring your ideas to reality, to life.

• We boasts a total of five large-format printers installed in our five partnerss within Cavite.

• Our services is not just limited to printing. For large signages, in particulary, we can also provide manpower to do the installation.

• We can work with your budget, and meet your tight deadlines. As much as possible, we provide our clients with the most reasonable price.

Finally, GPAD is committed to provide 100% quality services and satisfaction to our clients. Give us a try and well prove it.


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